Green Energy
Energy Independence, Freedom from the Grid!

About Green Energy

Climate Change, Mindset Change.

Green Energy advocates strongly and heeds the global call to address climate change and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. In the US alone space heating consumes several types of fossil fuels which can be reduced significantly by providing renewable energy alternatives, primarily through Solar Energy systems that our Company provides.

Limitless energy from the Sun, Green Energy introduces Energy Economy to the home, making American homes spend less for energy that will last longer periods and energy efficiency that gives unparalleled savings.

The vast amount of power needed to run our homes has created an impact on the environment. Unilink-America provides the American home with alternative sources of energy reducing the need for the grid. This means that you can save as much energy in your home as you want, depending on the scale you want to use our Solar Energy Systems or Solar/Wind Systems.

Energy Economy

Green Energy gives you the Energy Economy that you can use for other things particularly for home improvement, education and other significant household needs.

Chose Solar Power today and save money over the long run.

By using our system you can:

• Reduce electric bills – Save as much energy as you want
• Save the Planet using Clean Technology
• Or use Solar/Wind Energy as Back-Up

Components of the System for Solar Energy System

• Solar Array PV array – Combiner Box
• Power Center- Charge Controller DC-AC (Circuit Breakers, as approved by the National Electric Code)
• Batteries (deep cycle industrial quality batteries 12 2volt cells for 24volts lead-acid batteries)

Design Customization

Green Energy customizes your need for our Solar Energy systems based on your consumption and how much you would want to save. Our Solar Energy Engineers conducts a Needs Analysis prior to installation and gives you a turn-key solution that’s tailor-fit for your needs, your lifestyle and your finances. Green Energy Solar Energy Advisors also assist you in availing financing programs through partner banks in your state, so you could plan and customize our products and services according to what you can afford, or how much you want to save overtime. It’s a hassle-free solution. Green Energy also provides maintenance programs giving you the convenience that fits snuggly into you lifestyle.

Design Values

Green Energy takes into consideration your location and the optimum sunlight needed to power up your home.

Our designs aesthetically fit into your home without compromising the architecture of your home or office. We take into account your design requirements to have your household powered up, minus the eyesore.

Our designs also ensure that you get the alternative power you need without the high cost.

Information from the USEIA:

Energy use in the average American home can be categorized into the following uses per the US Energy Information Administration (USEIA)

• Space Heating
• Air Conditioning
• Water Heating
• Home Appliance and Lighting

EIA estimates that in 2007, about 526 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity were used for lighting by the residential and commercial sectors. This was equal to about 19% of the total electricity consumed by both of those sectors and 14% of total U.S. electricity consumption.

Residential lighting consumption was about 215 billion kWh, equal to about 15% of all residential electricity consumption. About 311 billion kWh was consumed for lighting by the commercial sector, which includes commercial and institutional buildings and public street and highway lighting, equal to 23% of commercial sector electricity consumption.
Appliances account for 64.7% of electricity consumption in the average American household (2001). Refrigerators consumed the most electricity (14%), followed by lighting (9%).

Baseline Energy Data:

• 12,941,717 number of consumers
• 587 kwh per month
• 13.81 USD/kwh
• 81.10 USD/month average bill

US Total
• 124,937,469
• 920 kwh per month
• 11.26 USD/kwh
• 103.67 USD/month average bill

11480 kwh annual household consumption US total

Renewable Energy Revolution

Green Energy through its partners, suppliers, and customers strongly advocate the use of Renewable Energy to address the adverse effects of climate change. That’s why our partners, suppliers, and customers are constantly updated through our website on initiatives of various agencies and institutions on the use of Solar and Wind energy, to make all stakeholders active participants in the development and expansion of technologies we create.