What is the working principal of your solar air conditioner?

Green Aire air conditioner absorbs solar energy to heat the inside medium by using a vacuum solar collector. The refrigerant from the compressor goes through the copper coil inside the collector and undertake a heat exchange. The refrigerant heated by the medium inside the solar collector will go through a cycle inside the system cooling and heating. We use a smaller compressor instead of standard compressors to run our system which saves electricity dramatically. A smaller compressor consumes much less electricity and works together with our solar collector to saving electricity.

Can your solar air conditioner operate at night and when cloudy?

Our Green Aire air conditioner units collect solar heat energy by a solar collector. The solar air-conditioner also can operate with efficiency at night or on cloudy days. Our solar air conditioner units use a storing energy box in the solar collector to help store solar heat energy.

Is your solar air conditioner full solar powered?

No, our solar air conditioner is a hybrid solar system, at least can save energy 40% to 50%.

What about the installation of your solar air conditioner?

Our Green Aire air conditioner units are similar to traditional air-conditioners, easy and convenient for installation, compact size.

How much percentage energy saves of your solar air conditioner?

With our thermal solar processing helping heat the medium reducing the compressor workload, with highly efficient heat transfer system, our solar system actually save energy of 40% to 50%.


Why Convert your Streetlights to Solar?

Currently, you are paying your Electric Service Provider (ESP) millions just to power up your streetlights costing huge amounts of tax payer’s money with minimal returns. Technology is available via Solar Power to provide the same public safety requirements without such huge amounts wasted on perpetual payment of electric bills. Power from the Sun is technically free, Green Energy provides the system to harness this renewable resource.

Converting from the Grid (Electricity from Power Lines) to Solar means that we would reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil saving the country a lot in foreign currency reserves, as well as assures our next generation of cleaner air and lesser risks from climate change- as carbon emissions from petroleum powered plants would be reduced. This also means that over the long run, the country would be entitled to “carbon credits” from first world countries, for reducing carbon emissions, which could be directed further to development projects for our Cities and Municipalities.

How Much Will it Cost to Convert to Solar Power?

To convert to Solar Power would mean directly purchasing the system from supplier and installing the system yourself. At its current prices, Solar Streetlights System are still very expensive and a direct purchase by smaller cities or municipalities would cost them an arm and a leg to invest on. Green Energy now provides the LGU an amortization program to get Solar today.

What Components are Included in the Conversion?

Like any other Solar Streetlight System, there are three basic components:

1) Solar Array or the Photo Voltaic Cells
2) Power Center or the Inverter Assembly
3) Battery System

What Will it Cost to Convert to Solar Power through Green Energy?

The Green Energy provides that we will convert ALL existing Streetlights within the next 3 years of our Contract. This means that Green Energy will bill the city/municipality the amount you pay your Electric Service Provider covered by minimal deposits, but after 10 years or 120 months, the City/Municipality will now own the Solar Streetlights System and will pay ZERO in electricity.

Would Deposits Be Required?

Currently your Electric Service Provider requires an upfront of P 15M as a deposit to install grid (electricity from the power lines) powered Street Lights & Public Markets. Green Energy requires the same as the conversion of would require large investments. This initial deposit covers for engineering and site preparations costs.
A security deposit of 3 months of your City/Municpality’s monthly expenditure for Streetlights is also required to secure advance orders from our suppliers abroad who require upfront cash payments for orders.

Will Government Guarantees be Required by Green Energy?

Yes. Since the scheme would be amortizing the Solar Streetlight System. Green Energy would need to secure a Government Guarantee in the form of Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) guaranteeing payment by the LGU over the next 10 years. Green Energy would need this to also secure its suppliers and service providers over the next 10 years.

Prerequisites for Solar Conversion Program

- City/Municipal Council Resolution Authorizing Local Chief Executive to Enter into Solar Conversion Contract with Green Energy.
- DBM Authorization authorizing the LGU to allot IRA as Guarantee for Solar Conversion Program.
- Certification from the City/Municipal Treasurer of Availability of Funds.
- Other Government Guarantees as required by law.

Why 10 Years?

The investment required for setting-up a Solar Street Light System requires huge cash outlay, recovery of such investments would only be possible if the Solar Program for the City/Municipality is done through an amortization scheme than on an outright cash purchase.

Who Will Maintain the System?

Minimal maintenance is required to keep the system in tip-top shape. In terms of the PV Cells and the Inverter or Power Boxes, Green Energy will periodically maintain the said equipment over the next 10 years. Maintenance for the batteries however shall be assumed by the City or Municipal Parks Office or City/Municipal Engineer’s Office.

What About Future Requirements for Solar Streetlights?

Future requirements of the City/Municipality will either be included as an addendum to the original Contract or would be included in a totally new Contract. Future requirements may be negotiated within three (3) years of the original Contract, subject to the same guarantees and requirements as the previous or mother Contract.

Does the LGU Have the Option to Purchase the Whole System even before the end of 10 years?

Yes. But not before the 1st 3 years of implementation. The LGU may advance payments for the whole Contract Term minus the Security Deposit in which case the whole system including maintenance will be turned over to the LGU upon full payment of the system.