1) GREEN AIRE Solar Aircondition

GREEN AIRE Solar Aircondition is the trailblazer in development and utilization of reproducible energy. For years, we attended to exploiter of solar energy resource; research, development, manufacture, and sales of solar products. Problems of energy crisis and environment contamination are solved. Remarkable achievements concerning solar air-conditioner.


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2) Solar for Home
Solar electric homes actively use photovoltaic technology to convert sunlight to electrical power. Solar home power gives freedom from dependence on rising utility prices. It can power a house far away from utility power or can be tied into the utility in a give and take relationship.

But a solar powered home is much more than this. Before mounting solar panels onto a home, the owner must consider a very important concept: the house's energy efficiency. The very first step towards creating a solar home is to convert an energy wasteful home into a lean, clean energy efficient home. More on how to make your home energy efficient.


3) Solar for Office

Converting office into solar is an “about time” idea. It takes otherwise wasted energy from fixtures and uses it to power computer workstations. This unique looking, indoor photovoltaic electrical generator harvests ambient light, indoor florescent and incandescent lighting from all directions to create electricity. With a back-up internal Lithium Polymer/Ion battery and a smart charging system that monitors charging levels, should ambient lighting not be enough, the system automatically switches back to the battery. If the internal battery fails, the system will switch to the AC power grid.

4) Solar Lamp Post

The Solar Lamp Post they come with LED lights installed. These lights are much brighter than the old style and use much less power. This way the light stays on for a very long time on little power and remains bright the whole time. The solar batteries that are inside the light are also a much better technology than the old style. Most have lithium batteries which last a very long time on a charge. This is also better for the environment because you don’t need to use electricity and the power source is just the sun, so you remain carbon neutral.

5) LED Lights

We are spurred by the belief that individual energy savings efforts will help ensure that we discharge our debts to our generations - both past and future. We aim to fulfill your needs for beautiful energy efficient lights for your home, be it task lights, decorative lights, office lights and street lighting solutions for consumers as well as for business owners and corporations.


Our Surveillance Camera have designed and tested solutions for equipment to support high quality video transmission for Public Safety networks, Video Surveillance and Intelligent Traffic Systems.